Relationship Therapy (for couples or individuals)

You may just want a relationship review/nct to keep you on track and/or to address issues which are beginning to surface and causing you to drift apart.  

Some examples of the issues that couples may present with are - fighting/arguing, betrayal, affairs, lack of communication, abusive patterns, loss of libido, porn use, lack of sex.      

Couples may not be experiencing problems in order to want to come to a therapist, they may come for: pre-marital counseling, improving communication, to improve their sex life, to find ways to increase intimacy.

Individuals may also see a therapist to explore reasons they are choosing bad relationships, not committing, or to explore issues within their current relationship, relationship ended.

Relationship therapy  with a couple is not intended to keep a couple together at all costs, nor is it to divide them. The therapist works with the challenges presented by the couple.  

Working on Sexual Issues with a Couple 

During the sessions the therapist will help you to talk about your sexual concerns, as well as explore the possible sensitive areas in your relationship.  

However, you may be asked to carry out certain simple, quite specific tasks - alone or with your partner - in the privacy of your own home. These tasks will be tailored specifically for you and will be directed towards helping your particular difficulty.

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